Rare animals hiding in Borneo forest

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There is amazing and rare animals you can find them only in Borneo forest or very hard to find them out of Borneo , check out some of these animals .

proboscis monkey


This animal like to spend most of their time on water and their webbed feet make them very good swimmer,

This monkey can only found in Borneo, muching on fruits , leaves and the odd caterpillar.



Clouded leopard



Clouded leopard : this animal can be found only in Borneo and Sumatra their numbers are decreasing in Borneo and spotting them in the wild forest become very hard

They are distinguished by the cloud like patches on their fur and the largest canine fangs

They are of a separate genus of lepard and other large cats like tigers ,






This bird is very rare , only 8 birds found on the island , populations are in decline due to habitat loss and poaching leading to local extinction in some areas.



Borneo horned frog



What is make this frog unique that its shape and color  look just like the dead leaves on the forest floor ,

They also called em the long-nosed frog, It has a pointed snout and what look like horns on its head ,



Prying mantis


Its not easy to find this insect , they called it praying mantis because it hold its front legs together as if saying praying ,



Borneo keeled pit viper

borneo snake

its very brightly colored snake , it can stay put for weeks on end as it waits for the perfect opportunity to attack its prey , mostly birds , and can find only in Borneo.



The Pngolin


The Pngolin , one of the most poached animals in the world , there are only 8 speciese of this animal in total , four of them in Africa and the others in asia . habitat loos and illegal wildlife trade are among reasons for some of its decline .

In traditional chonese medicine it is sold as an alternative to rhino horns and elephant tusls as its scales are considered to have similar properties.



Salt water crocodile



This animals have been known to leap out of the water and attack humans, it is found across Borneo  in the brackish waters along the coast , as well as tidal rivers , swarms and marshes inland , it’s the worlds longest and largest crocodile , it can grow up to 7 meters long and pray on fish , monkeys and anything it can grab into .


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