Top 10 Best Places to Visit in 2017 ‘ by CNN ‘

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CNN’s experts chosen 17 best places to visit in 2017,  We will review the TOP 10 of them in this article :

1- Prince Edward Island

it is a wonderful blend of land and sea traditions and made up of Scottish, Irish, English, and French who joined the native Mi’kmaq people.

Its great place for Nature Walks, Cycling, and More – Yes, get outside to explore the nature and the beauty of this unspoiled Island.  Bike the Confederation Trail form one tip of the Island to the other.  Maybe you want to track down the more than fifty lighthouses that mark PEI or perhaps you want to ride horseback, birdwatch, camp, sail or kayak.  There is even parasailing and seal-watching!

Also you can enjoy Enjoy deep sea and freshwater fishing as many guided and charter tours are available.   Or dig for clams on the beautiful beaches.

Festivals – A wide range of events and festivals and events keep you busy.  From the fall “Shellfish Festival” to the Charlotte Festival that features the original stage production of Anne of Green Gables – The Musical, or Fall Flavours that features an island-wide food extravaganza, PEI offers those and more activities to entertain you.  Music is never far in PEI.

Prince Edward Island – “the perfect option for those who want to minimize travel and maximize the destination experience.”  – Barry McLeod



2 Penang

What is make penang really great place to visit , is that Penang island has all what u want to see and visit

This island has the beach and the green hill and development big city and the best part is the old town which is collection of historic buildings in various styles, from old English colonial mansions to classical Chinese shophouses and Islamic mosques , u can see all these in 1 day , and the transport is very easy there and cheap

Plus it’s a multicultural city , you can find and explore Malay , Chinese and Indian culture  and enjoy all these cultures festivals

In Malaysia they call it ‘food heaven’

The street food in Penang is amazing , its everywhere , cheap price and lot of choices

You can try Chinese traditional food , different kinds of Malay food and a lot of Indian food as well



At the northern tip of the negative/dangerous stereotype about Colombia exists throughout the world. It’s not as dangerous as you think. Although, Colombia has had a shaky past, things are different now. The crime rates have dropped significantly, and there has been a huge decrease in violence. The dramatic change can be credited to former President Alvaro Uribe and very motivated officials who have gone through great measures to fight crime and make Colombia a safe place for tourists


Isolated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean is already a travel favorite, with its pink beaches, pastel-coloured houses and fantastic diving, but with the arrival of next year’s America’s Cup – its popularity is set to soar

Bermuda or they call it ‘ pink paradise ‘ has undergone a US$100m renovation, transforming it into a hotel with a genuine wow factor. Beyond the new Marcus restaurant by celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson, the new marina and the supreme beach club, where guests can lounge semi-submerged on hammocks – the art collection at the Hamilton Princess is off the scale. It includes seemingly endless works from Jeff Koons, Banksy, Andy Warhol Damien Hirst – and so many more see-them-to-believe-them pieces that would look more at home in a world-class art gallery. The hotel is just a 15-minute walk from Hamilton, where shops, restaurants and nightlife await on Front Street.

5-Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument, United States

Its perfect place for Snowmobiling in the winter.

The east side of the monument is open all winter to snowmobiles, so you can reach the furthest parts of the landscape even when winter weather conditions make access nearly impossible.

Also is open to seasonal hunting. “Every activity that was allowed on the land prior to the president’s proclamation is allowed today,” Farmer says. “The monument, which is managed by the National Park Service, forever guarantees that there will be public access for hunting and snowmobiling, protecting these traditional activities that are critical to the area’s economy. Such protections are unusual for national monuments.”

If you like t spot some rare wildlife you need to go there ,

The area offers excellent opportunities for wildlife viewing. “The large protected landscape supports many wide-ranging wildlife species including ruffed grouse, moose, black bear, white-tailed deer, snowshoe hare, American marten, bobcat, and the federally threatened Canada lynx.

6- Isaan, Thailand

It’s the largest region of Thailand and Nearly one third of Thailand’s population is from Isaan

With over 20 million people residing in Isaan, and untold numbers of “Khon Isan” (People from Isaan) residing elsewhere in the country, roughly one third of Thailand’s population hails from the region.

It’s home to the unique Lao-Isaan Culture,

Although Isaan people are proud of their unique heritage, and will fiercely defend any accusation that they are somehow not Thai, the vast majority of Isaan people are ethnically Lao. Even the language spoken in the region, Isaan, is so closely related to the language of Laos, that it is mutually intelligible. There are also significant parallels in the cuisine, music, and other cultural elements. What makes Isaan culture distinct, however, is the fact that it is an amalgamation of the three cultures that surround it –Thai, Laos, and Khmer.

It’s pretty close to Bangkok and  incredibly cheap



There are several different reasons to travel to Bhutan. You might want to go there for the spicy food, great sights, amazing festivals, but the most imrotant resons is authenticity.

Experience the Bhutanese lifestyle

Many travel agencies use the word ‘authentic’ to describe a vacation, but travellers will never have more cultural authenticity than when they travel to Bhutan.

Keep in mind that Bhutan did not have tourism until approximately four decades ago. This hermit kingdom managed to preserve its unique cultural identity thanks to years of isolation.

Even the most authentic trips to other locales throughout Asia come with a massive degree of tourism and commercialism, this is not the case for Bhutan.

8-Chengdu, China

An irresistible reason to visit Chengdu is to get close and cuddly with Pandas at Chengdu Panda Research Base. The base is the only research centre that focuses entirely on the critically endangered Giant Panda. Get there around 8:30am if you want to catch feeding time before the Pandas spend the day indulging in their favourite activity – sleeping! Giant Panda in China literally translates to ‘big-bear-cat’, and a visit to the base contributes to the conservation of these adorable bears. If you have a couple of days, you could make the trip to Wolong National Nature Reserve to observe the Pandas in the Qionglai Mountains.

– Sichuan food

One of the first things to try in Chengdu is the famous fiery Sichuan food. Be sure to try the local classic dish, Chengdu Hotpot, and sample the street food on Wide and Narrow Alley. Sichuan peppercorn, or huajiao, is a Chinese peppercorn with a spicy flavour so powerful it will make your mouth go numb! Cool down after all that heat with a spot of Kung Fu tea, another local tradition.

9-Aarhus, Denmark

the cultural center in Denemrak and the second largest city in the country, you’ll find lots of students, both Danish and International, and a great selection of fun entertainment from the popular NorthSide Music Festival to delish restaurants and an outstanding nightlife .

I adore this city’s relaxed vibe, great nature, cozy cafes and beaches. Places to check out in Aarhus are: the city river, Risskov beach, Aarhus Cathedral and Sea Pink by the harbor as seen on the photo collage below from upper left corner to the right.


10-  Bordeaux, france

With 350 historical buildings and monuments, dozens of museums and art galleries, a brand new wine experience center and some of the best food in all of France

The world’s largest reflecting pool is there…and splashing around in it is encouraged.

When the Miroir d’Eau opened 10 years ago, the French were horrified that anyone would even consider walking on the 3,450 square meter artwork. That quickly went out the window and the Miroir d’Eau became the coolest place to be, especially on a hot summer day.

There’s always something going on there from the Sunday night salsa parties to any number of musicians putting on concerts. It’s definitely Bordeaux’s best free attraction.








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